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One woman's rags is another woman's riches and second hand is no longer the the proverbial poor cousin. All the cool kids are at it now and sustainable fashion is here to stay.

The Freperie has been sourcing and reselling vintage and pre-owned designer clothes, shoes, and accessories for over 10 years with brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino frequently making our source list.

Check out our vintage stock and join the sustainable fashion revolution.

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Loving Colour / Living Coral

2019's Pantone colour of the year has us loving colour. Living coral lures us away from the Ultra Violet of 2018 into a warmer, friendlier and more feminine 2019.

Our Melissa Odabash beach cover up ticks all the boxes by clinging softly, draping firmly, and radiating fun from its centre - embodying all the heartening qualities of Living Coral.

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