The Freperie COVID-19 Update

The Freperie Ltd is a UK based small business, dedicated to serving an international customer base, relentlessly passionate about the transformational power of fashion. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis but we have faith that things will get better, even if changes to the way we live and work have to be made.

As a small business we're able to work flexibly so have implemented the government guidelines on social distancing and trading. Some of our suppliers have had to pause trading activity until there is more guidance on how they can continue trading, others have implemented flexible processes to allow us to still engage with them remotely. This simply means that our incoming stock numbers will slow down but we still have over 1500 individual vintage, designer pieces you can shop for with some selected items added as we find them.


We post twice a week to limit the amount of times we visit our local post office and we also use couriers with the aim of honouring our delivery time frames now that our posting schedule has been interrupted. Our returns policy is still in place so you can read up on how we handle returns here.

NHS Guidance on COVID - 19

You can find NHS advice on COVID-19 via the link below (this is to the NHS official website):

UK Government guidance on COVID-19

You can find government advice on COVID-19 (for businesses and individuals) via the link below (this is to the government official website):

Stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch;