We REALLY Carré? Do you?

For those who really do Carré, and those who really don't care, fashion has never shied away from a bold statement or two.

Behold the mighty scarf; simple, elegant, regal, controversial...


Of all the accessories fashion could bestow us, to imagine the scarf as the proverbial red rag would leave Micheline Bernardini as awestruck as her spectators were in 1946. 

What a time to be alive! When female nipples bay for freedom as female heads are banned from sheathing.

At this rate we'll soon have bans on glasses, ballerina flats, tuxedos, lace underwear, lipstick, leggings, and trousers!

There's definitely a pattern in there somewhere if only it was clear what...

For those fashion rebels who choose to flout society's rules about what is desirable, decent, or decadent we've got you covered... but only as much as you want.

Ready to fight the power, and the patriarchy?

Go get 'em;