Velour. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing?

In the hierarchy of plush fabrics suede takes the crown. Fibrous, and reassuringly expensive, its departure from the closeness of leather is subtle and yet significant enough to earn it a whole new fabric category.

Go suede!



Then there's velvet. Black, or however you please, it's ever so slightly more affordable yet equal in its alluring lusciousness.


Which brings us to the thorny subject of velour.

What. Is. It. Good. For?

What does suede not offer in luxuriousness, or velvet in affordability, that velour need exist?

Is velour the Primark of fabrics? Affectionately dubbed Primarni, in a bid to co-opt the prestige of Armanidoes velour reach for velvet in the same way?

Well, that's quite a stretch... 

Which seems to be what velour is good for.

Stretchy pants.

Very stretchy pants.

So close... and yet so very far.

Poor velour.