Can't knock the bustle

It is an indisputable fact that lovers of big butts are trustworthy souls who cannot lie.

With this truth in mind it becomes reasonable that those who are not blessed with big butts, but appreciate the candidness of trustworthy souls, might choose to enhance their wares to improve their prospects of securing a trustworthy soul of their very own...

Thus it should come as no surprise that fashion, in its fanciful desire to conceal our faults and accentuate our flair, would present us with the butt enhancing bustle.

In whatever shape, or form, the bustle presents itself on your chosen garment its aim is to turn your pancakes into pound cakes.

So what happens when those that cannot lie are faced with alternative butts? 




One assumes...

Honest Jo, having experienced a little excitation on seeing the alternative butt, might question their entire self. After all how can a Jo remain honest and trustworthy if a Jo loves a lie?!

Let's take note.

The Ego is the Enemy, if Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus is to be believed, and thus our perception of self is but a mere social construct that we entangle ourselves in and are at liberty to change should we choose to.

With this in mind an honest Jo can maintain their sense of honesty by proclaiming that their love of big butts is inclusive and does not discriminate against alternative offerings (even if those offerings are illusory) thus ensuring fashion, sanity, and social constructs remain happily tethered forevermore.