Brand It Like Beyonce

Once upon a time celebrity fashion labels were seen as vanity projects destined for retail store bargain bins and the QVC clearance section. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Fashion is notoriously uncertain and fledgling labels take years to find their footing in the industry, if they ever do. Even the well established stumble, with bankruptcy fillings fodder for the masses.

However, fashion is a trillion dollar global phenomenon and any business savvy celebrity, with an eye on global domination, would be foolish to miss out. Fashion labels work tirelessly to create a distinctive brand, secure a loyal customer base,and generate a level of income to sustain their vision. Celebrities - having worked tirelessly to create their brand and secure a crazy loyal fan base  - come with a ready-made following that fashion labels would kill for!

Add an addictive sprinkle of social media and we have a formula for sold out collections and billion dollar buy outs.

From a reseller perspective we can't wait to get our hands on some Ivy Park x Adidas (already sold out) and Fenty.

The Fenty oversized shearling coat is EVERYTHING. Even if the price point hurts, we love the way it hurts!

And we're willing to accept all the jibes about working for Sainsburys, or Popeyes, for this utility coat and wide leg pants.


For those who struggle to accept the celebrity transition from entertainer to fashion mogul - get over it and get used to it!

The Row, Elizabeth & James, and Victoria Beckham have weathered many a storm and it's obvious that their love for fashion is intrinsic to who they are and their fame has been the door opener for their passion. Whenever we've come across a piece from any of these brands they have always been top quality (or we wouldn't pick them!) and beautiful - like this Victoria Beckham lipstick red clutch!

Check out our other celebrity labels and let us know what you think when these cross overs happen;

Happy shopping!