The Art of Curation

Whether gathering data, art, or coveted fashion from the 1950s curating is a brilliant way to amass a collection of "stuff you love" whether you intend to sell it onward or simply store for your own guilty pleasure.

The Freperie (old french for frippery) started as a small closet of finery and now stands at 1000 pieces, and growing.


What began as a collection of cocktail dresses, a keen eye for a bargain, and a love of style has grown into rails of vintage and contemporary designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The simple guiding principle of our approach to curating is finding the things we love, and would readily wear (if they fit!). Thereafter it's a question of quality and durability which we find consistently demonstrable in couture and/or designer labelled pieces.

There seems to be wealth of treasure out there for the fashion curator especially now platforms like InstagramFlickr, Pinterest and Tumblr continue to appeal to our love of beautiful visuals broadening our awareness of the many lovers of fashion and style.

Furthermore as time passes by and more items fall into the vintage category it really does feel like our love for frippery will never go out of style!



January 26, 2017 — Dinah Sackey

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