So you wanna be a boss, bitch?

You've seen the memes;


and watched the life hack videos...

 you've even got the mug...

...and now you've been bitten by the bug. That nagging 'what if?' that opens the door to being your own boss, bitch, by hook or by crook.

The Freperie is the brain child of that bug and 6 years later there are days when that life hack video gets seriously side eyed and that mug is filled with salty tears.

Being the boss, bitch, isn't easy but it's exciting and full of valuable life lessons that teach you about yourself, and your tolerance for bad behaviour.

Over the coming weeks, in between posts about shoes and dresses, I'll share my journey from Amara's Closet to The Freperie, and beyond, in the hope that something in these words might inspire the boss bitch in you. 

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