Material girls

Fashionista, fashion blogger, fashion curator, or fashion collector the allure of a good 'piece' begins and ends with quality.

Quality of cut, quality of style, and most importantly quality of material.

Tick all the boxes and a piece becomes a timeless, coveted, iconic emblem of everything we love about fashion. Understandably these pieces are unlikely to come cheap so your journey to sartorial satisfaction may have to start on the small side.

A simple accessory, like a scarf, can add a dimension of fun, luxury, or couture to an otherwise basic outfit. Some of the best design houses (think Hermes, Chanel, Burberry) favour quality materials like silk, and cashmere, ensuring that a well kept piece will stand the test of time and retain a strong resale value.

If the aim of your game is to amass a collection of coveted garments, scarves take up less space than bags, or ballgowns and are a guaranteed fit for any shape. Hermes, and Chanel are always in favour but sometimes something a little left field (Dali anyone?) might entice collectors from other fields.

However you choose to style yourself, or whatever you love to collect, just remember quality never goes out of fashion.

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