Label Lovers.

The Freperie started as a collection of designer clothes, shoes, and accessories that I personally owned but had rarely worn.

The fascination for designer labels was largely driven by a desire to dispel a personal belief that all garments are created equally, for they are not. Some are intricately designed and constructed from start to finish, others are thrown together speedily to hit the market when a particular trend is 'trending'. Some use materials that get better with age, others are old as soon as the oils in your skin have seeped into the material. None of the above necessarily determines how much you're about to spend on that nude, cold shoulder, ruffle top - save the label.

Yes we love labels at The Freperie but it's not so much the label as it is the designer behind the label and once you've ploughed your way through thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes you get a feel for what's quality and what's fly by night, what has popular cache and what will stand the test of time.

FYI we stock them all because we know how your fashion heart beats. We curate the quality pieces, one of samples, catwalk worn collectors pieces, or vintage iconic garments that will still be vintage and iconic in years to come. We also source those on trend, a celebrity wore it once, I fell in love with it when I saw it in Vogue pieces that fashion lovers live for.

Our list of brand names has tipped the 300 mark. Some are obscure continental designers you've probably never heard of, others are the heavy hitting international brands that are infamous for their fashion infamy. 

Browse, buy, and love the labels we have in store for you. We plan on adding to our collection so you can add to yours.

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