It started with a closet...

When eBay made it's appearance in 1995 few could predict re-sale would bloom into the $20bn market it is today. Who would want to buy someone's worn Chanel pumps from 1979? Who would risk buying from an individual half way across the globe?! Or from a shop that doesn't have a physical shop?!! Isn't the internet just another fad?!!!

I was 15 in 1995 and the internet was not on my radar. The computer classes I took in 1998 were basic, to say the least, and the idea of e-commerce had not gripped the UK in the way it seemed to have taken the USA. However, the seeds of The Freperie were forming even then. A love for vintage and designer clothes, plus a love for business meant studying business and buying vintage/designer clothes for personal use.

By 2008 life changes, and the global financial meltdown, sparked the belief that people still want to buy 'nice' stuff even when money is tight, and the bridge to cross is simply how to make people's money go further.

Welcome Amara's Closet. Like most people with more clothing, shoes, bags than can reasonably be worn frequently enough to warrant the lost closet space it seemed the easiest way to test the market by listing said 'stuff' on eBay. The name didn't so much matter at the time as branding wasn't on my radar!

The beauty of eBay is how quickly you can set up and sell anything (with restrictions of course) and the first sale is complete high. Someone wants something I'm selling. Woohoo! My first sale was a black bejewelled choker that sold for £5.99. 10 sales in and a 2nd hand mannequin (cutely named Amara) was employed as the resident model. The spare room became a studio and store room, then came the very serious appraisal of everything in my closet.

Do I really need 4 pairs of Seven For All Mankind jeans? When was the last time I wore these 6" heels? Where on earth did I find this skirt from? Have I ever worn it, anywhere, ever?!

With a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories, a 2nd hand mannequin, and a Nokia N96 I was ready for business!

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