ICONIC Pieces - Gucci

Gucci has been an established brand for 97 years and changing the face of fashion for nearly 10 decades.

Over the years Gucci has had many creative directors including Tom Ford and Frida Giannini, both striving to make the brand as iconic as possible and putting their own influences in each collection. Gucci was family run in Italy for a number of years before arguments, money and murder meant the company was turned away from the family side. Gucci was run in Italy for a number of years, Guccio Gucci then moved to New York and opened up the first US Gucci store. This was the beginning of a brand that cannot be killed.

Gucci GG Blondie Bag

Over the years many iconic bags have been created and adored by the world such as the Jackie O, the hobo, the Blondie and the bamboo, many which show the equestrian roots that first inspired Gucci.

This is shown through the saddle shape of the Jackie O, made famous from first lady Jackie Kennedy adorning the bag. Many of the bags include a saddle stirrup style closing.

Currently in stock are a multitude of icon Gucci bags that you'll love. Gucci bags are solid collector items as they remain coveted throughout the decades.

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