10 designers to hoard now!

So you're a self confessed fashionista / stylista with a love for designer threads. Your Instagram page is ablaze with beautiful selfies of you in your finest, you even know a little about some of the designers you don so as not to seem like a clueless socialite, hungry for those fleeting likes, but when the camera is off the closet is open how serious is your designer collection?

Let's argue (in the nicest way possible) about the top 10 designers you need to see in your wardrobe;

1) Armani

Entry level, perhaps. Ubiquitous, certainly. Yet what's not to love about Giorgio Armani? When you bypass the diffusion labels and leap into the collezioni, clean lines, and solid colours, will whet your appetite for this consistent designer label that remains a fashionista favourite.

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2) Ralph Lauren

Diffusion labels are not a crime. Repeat after me "diffusion labels are not a crime". They spread the impact of a designer and lure in hardcore fans, at each and every level, until dropping 10k on a "Purple Label" becomes part of your life goal.

Everyone fashionista needs Ralph Lauren in their wardrobe simply because this design house delivers, every single time. You'll find something for the ballroom, the dance floor, and the pub. You simply can't go wrong with a Lauren.

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3) Prada

Now we're stepping into "I'm heavily into fashion" territory. Prada is as necessary to your fashion diet as complex carbohydrates. Don't cut it out mistakenly thinking it's "just another Italian designer". It's what the devil chooses to wear for a reason. Sleek, stylish, reassuringly luxurious. There's always room at the Inn for Prada.

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4) Alexander McQueen

A relative newcomer but one that has made such an impact on fashion that museum exhibitions are dedicated to his genius. His skull collection remains fiercely popular and the Savage Beauty concept is still regarded as an incredible testimony to the art behind the fashion designer.

If ever there was a label to covet, collect, and keep for future generations - this is the one!

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5) Gucci

The oldies. The goodies. Distinctive prints. Timeless cuts. Coveted label.

Let them know you're serious about your designers by flashing your Double G's in their face. Well known, and ever present, without suffering the curse of dilution (See Burberry) if you don't have Gucci in your collection you're not really serious abut this fashion thing are you?

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6) Christian Dior

Early Dior is where it's at, before the perfumes and aftershaves exploded into public consciousness and everyone could claim ownership of a "Dior"...

The designs are exquisite, colours are often bright and flirtatious, and the cuts are intricate and feminine. A Dior couture piece is well worthy of the red carpet, and will keep your fashion heart red hot with lust for many a year.

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7) Yves Saint Laurent

Flex your fashion muscles it's about to get real. From here on in we're talking big labels and big bucks... 

Whether you're a dyed in the wool "Tom Ford" era fan or simply love the ultra chic, ultra classy, ultra luxury of a Saint Laurent piece you're in good company. This is a label that will stand the test of time as fashionistas, stylistas, and collectors everywhere jump on the lust wagon.

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8) Louis Vuitton

Yes, yes, yes, the recognisable monogram is "everywhere", this doesn't take away from the coveted nature of this label - it adds to it. Even the price tag cannot deter fans. Vintage pieces are pounced on, damaged pieces are pounced on, brand spanking new from the store pieces are pounced on.

We're sold on the quality, durability, and damned "expensive" branding that Louis Vuitton has mastered. We can barely list one in store before it's snatched away by the label thirsty.

Get yours.

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9) Hermès

We are now reaching the top of the tree and the fashion air is decidedly thinner here - and purposefully so. There are some labels that are so far out of reach of mere mortals that it takes a 4 year list to even sniff at such greatness.

Was it the Birkin? The Alligator skin? The silk scarves? The Constance??

What is it about Hermès that has everyone crawling over financial hot coals to own one?

Fewer questions, more shopping...

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10) Chanel

The star on top of the tree.

The glint in your fashion eye.

The hope in your stylish heart.

Coco Chanel has endured, with good reason. Get a piece in your collection and feel all holier than thou.

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